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How do I select the proper pump for my pond?
There are many factors to consider when selecting the proper pump size, including pond size, number and type of water features, head height, chosen filter system, distance of filtration system from the pond, and intended fish and plant stock. To work out appropriate pump capacity you should follow these steps:

--- Work out the volume of your pond
--- Establish what sort of flow you need based on the size of your pond and planned filtration method
--- Work out the appropriate tubing size you should use
--- Calculate (TDH), in other words how high you will have to pump the water
--- Work out what pump meets your requirements, and check operating cost

How do I match the pump to filtration system?
If you have chosen to keep your pond clean via a biological filtration system (Pressure/Gravity), then you must size your pump appropriately to the filtration system. If you do not have enough flow you will not turn your pond over in the desired 90 Minutes, and therefore your filter will not clean the pond effectively. Too much water flow through your filter will result in the water passing through the filter too fast, and reduce its cleaning ability drastically. This problem is enhanced greatly if you are using a filter with built in UV light. Excess water flow can also cause ruptures in pressurized filters, and damage to gaskets.

What about the cost of running the pump?
Energy consumption is something that needs to be strongly considered when choosing a pump.

How often you run the pump is also something you want to consider. Running 24 hrs is required with ponds with Koi and Goldfish. Water features like pondless waterfalls can be simply turned on when you are viewing it.